How to Order

How to Order from

If you are interested in ordering a test from please see our test menu for specimen handling instructions. All inquiries regarding testing can be directed to and you will receive a prompt and appropriate response.

If you are collecting a patient specimen in a hospital or clinic environment:

Basic Phlebotomy Instructions:

  • Follow all collection instructions provided by the instructions.
  • The requisition requires the time and date of collection.
  • Specimens require at least two (2) unique identifiers.
  • Specimens should be collected and labeled one at a time.
  • Specimens should be drawn and collected to match the requisition.

Once Specimen has been procured: The specimen should be packaged according to the handling file and sent to the lab for testing. Each client will receive, upon request, mailing instructions for specimens depending on place of origin. For more details or to register as a client please contact