Message From Our Medical Director

A Message From Our Medical Director,sona

“Medicine-On-Demand” is the phrase we use to attempt to describe our mandate and operations at KitGen, KitGen comprises many¬†senior scientific personnel utilizing the latest available technologies in our field to focus on developing the most innovative diagnostic approaches to molecular medicine. We are an ISO 15189 certified medical laboratory and participate in German based INSTAND certifications for quality which is highly regarded across Europe and Asia.

Our primary laboratory is strategically situated in the most rapidly developing part of Europe, namely the Czech Republic however we have arrangements with strategic partners around the globe to enable us to connect with our colleagues in order to help support their pursuits of better patient care. Our turnaround times lead the industry as regardless of where the specimen originates, we can have the result to the ordering physician in gold-standard time.

The laboratory is open-minded, innovative and responsive to the needs of our clientele. Working with us allows academia or public/private providers access to not only a wide range of commercially available testing but to the most novel molecular tests tailored to your request. Our menu is expanding regularly through rigorous validation and quality assurance programs in order to give you peace of mind that an order placed with KitGen will provide a result with utility.

We have four main diagnostic streams at KitGen and our portfolio continues to grow. Along with the phrase “Medicine-0n-Demand” we believe that through evidence based assessments the best diagnostic result will show the way forward,

Our diagnostic streams include; Molecular Hematology, Hematooncology and Oncology; Molecular Microbiologit; Molecular Syndromology – Human Genetics, and; Preventive Programs – Human Genetics.

Within each stream the KitGen diagnostic capability is unparalleled, growing and evolving every day. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak more with you regarding our service offering as well as to understand your needs in the area of molecular diagnostics.

Thank you for your time,

Sona Pekova, MD., PhD.
Medical Director