About Us

Who Are We

KitGen Canada is working on behalf of patients everywhere to provide the optimal level of care through Medicine-On-Demand.

Our Technology

The laboratory is ISO 15189 Accredited and regularly pursues quality assurance programs recognized throughout continental Europe (INSTAND) as the gold standard of care.

Our Experience

The areas of interest for KitGen continue to evolve to support all of our clinical partners.

Our belief is that knowledge is empowering and through the KitGen Canada menu patients and clinicians everywhere can access laboratory testing of the highest quality, on the most innovative platforms and with results that are useful.

KitGen Canada is a subsidiary of KitGen located in Prague, Czech Republic. KitGen is powered by a very large, innovative and technologically advanced diagnostic laboratory focusing on the most innovative and appropriate diagnostic approaches to molecular medicine. A forward thinking company, KitGen is internationally recognized for its scientific strengths, clinical efficacy and trust among patients and clinicians.

KitGen Canada uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, the extent of genetic panels useful for correct diagnosis, therapeutical decision and tailored management of oncologic patient has greatly increased. Also, KitGen Canada offers an array of tests for non-malignant hematologic disorders, defects of coagulation and rare inherited syndromes with a preponderance of hematological presentation.

The application of KitGen Canada’s molecular techniques perfected in the lab and verified through many external Quality Assurance programs is limitless. KitGen Canada has experience supporting the clinical practice in the following areas: hematology, hematooncology, oncology of solid tumours, epidemiology and tropical medicine, infectology, bacteriology, critical care, cardiology, neonatology, prenatal genetic diagnostics and clinical genetics.